Fantasy for Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure

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She always craved oral sex play and wished she could enjoy more often. Now she could. Her Ultimate Pleasure would be able to give her the intimate ecstasy she was looking for. First, she pressed the button to activate the vibration and then traced her body with the pulsating pinpoint pleasure. She knew this was going to feel so good deep inside her laterbut first she wanted to explore the oral sensations.

She placed the oval cone of Her Ultimate Pleasure over her yearning mound. It perfectly cupped her labia, clitoris, and most sensitive lady bits. The pulsing, milking suction was perfectly timed to entice her soft skin, making her tender with sensation. It felt so incredible, as if her very essence was being seduced. She pressed another button and the motorized tongue began lapping her swollen clit. With each press, the smooth tongue sensually teased her sensitive sweet spot. She was enthralled with incredible pleasure as she explored all of the various tongue patterns.

This was truly the most amazing sensation combination she had ever felt! And then, like a dream, her climax embraced her with breathless trembles. Her Ultimate Pleasure made her sexual fantasy come true.



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    Fantasy for Her by Pipedream

    Posted by Kate-Arizona on Aug 3rd 2020

    This product is really hard to fine and on toy forums is highly regarded as the best out there if you want a toy that makes you feel like someone is going down on you. I looked everywhere and finally found one online at Chiaras adult shop online which I had never of. The price was way less then other stores by about $75. This toy really is the best. The section cup brings blood to your clit making it sensitive then the very tongue like insides with multiple settings start to lick you up and down. It will make you orgasm. My only complaint is that it took over one month for this company to ship this product to me. I tried calling their store repeatedly and no one answered. I felt I had been scammed. I was actually moments away from filing a claim with my bank when suddenly , out of nowhere this item appeared in on my porch. I have spent plenty of my unemployment money on it and truly felt that I have been scammed. They did not even provide me with a shipping number or tracking info. I felt so stupid. I am glad it arrived though. Boy am I glad, because its the best. I have tried other brands that both promise to suck and lick and hey either broke after one or two uses, or just didnt bring me to cum. this one does. I am satisfied now as the store had a rare item at a good price, but if its going to take over a month to get here then you need to tell us that. You should also supply us with a shipping number, and be available to contact. How do you run a business if no one ever picks up the line advertised for your stores 1-800 number? Would not do business again because of that.